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We Provide the Following Supports:

Affiliated Marketing Partnerships

We work with a range of different marketing providers to offer a combination of outstanding products from highly rated carriers, a broad selection of markets and meet customers’ unique financial needs with mortgage protection, education funding, retirement planning, and estate planning etc.

Case Design

Our team of experts will save advisors time by providing expertise and true strategies when it comes to designing retirement plans, estate plans, business succession, college planning and more. We will work with you from the minute you acquire a prospective client.

Underwriting Support

We work closely with point-of-sale professionals and advisors to provide support of the underwriting process. We know how important it is for your clients to get the best rating possible, and our office will negotiate with underwriters to make sure that you are able to provide the client with the best deal to meet his or her needs.

  • Provide pre-sale underwriting questionnaires
  • Review impaired risk cases
  • Provide product and pricing advice
  • Assist with presenting case details to carrier underwriting teams
  • Manage advisor and client expectations
  • Work with the carrier to successfully place life insurance


Our eContracting system makes it easier than ever to recruit new agents with the push of a few buttons, cutting down paper workloads and getting your agents contracted as quickly as possible.

AIG Partners Group Support

While you maintain your independence as a relationship partner, you also enjoy the many benefits of being part of a strong and experienced team. Meetings and study groups promote business-building idea-sharing and camaraderie. Dedicated support staff facilitate training, recruiting and sales.